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Annie Hames✧


Capturing the colors, textures and light of all the places I have visited is the perfect, joyful gift that painting gives.

Gallery: Tractor Shed Art & Design Studio

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Artist Profiles

Jim Hames✧

IMG_0473 2.JPG

"Mother Nature never paints a bad picture."

Whether in oil, acrylic or pastel, my process involves observing the beauty before me and them striving to bring the viewer to that place.


Gallery: Tractor Shed Studio

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Sally Hutsell✧


I’ve been learning watercolor and acrylic for several years and have done some plein air painting.

Art calms my soul and I enjoy trying new things.

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Matt Andrews✧

Matt grew up in the countryside on the North and South Carolina state line. Childhood pastimes included venturing into the woods, playing in creeks, and drawing. He graduated with a B.F.A. in Visual Communication and a focus on Illustration from Winthrop University in 2012. Since then he has worked as a (mostly) digital illustrator doing all kinds of graphics, but fell into the niche of pinball and arcade art. Matt's interest in plein air painting is the natural combination of his upbringing and professional skills, as well as a way to get away from the computer and enjoy the fresh air.

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Carolyn Bragg-Bowyer✧

Carolyn uses a variety of media, and creative application of value, color, form, and composition, she strives for artistic expression in pastels, watercolor, acrylics, oils, for what may otherwise be ordinary subjects.

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Russell Jewell✧

A simple black square is a window to everything in the world… in the dark. Therefore, regardless of the subject or medium, all that matters is light. In other words, without light there is no form, only the dark square - an image of everything in the world… in the dark. Visually, only light allows for observation. Exponentially, only enlightenment pushes aside shadows within ourselves. Is it then not true the world we observe and the world we imagine both demand light for observation, thus creating enlightened worlds to be shared with others?

Russell Jewell Ed.D., AWS, NWS, TWSA


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Jodie Hatcher✧


I started oil painting in May 2020. I continue to learn with each piece I create! I'm a member of my local art group, TAG, and in The Artist's Coop of Laurens. 

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Nancy Carroll✧


Art for me is a way of connecting to my inner self. It transforms me away from the hustle and bustle to a place where I am in the moment and on my own little journey through time. I can get lost in these moments for hours. The process of observing allows me to focus on things that I love be it something in nature, an animal or a small flower. It is a love that I hope can be felt by those who view my art.

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Yvonne Lewis Park✧

My first experience with plein air painting was in Blowing Rock, NC in 2019 at a Plein Air Paint Out. I've never looked back. Capturing the colors, the light, and the feeling of the moment is addicting. 

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Drake Powell✧


As an artist, I am fascinated with nature and animals. My full time job is in STEM but my biggest passion lies in creative work. While I mostly work with acrylics, I also enjoy watercolor and sculpting. My goal is to find the whimsy in every scene I paint.”

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Justin Donaldson✧

Justin Donaldson creates beautifully lush landscapes in gouache from his homebase in Clemson, SC. His inspiration is built on the need for peace and tranquility. In the hunt for these qualities he traverses forests, fields and rivers and takes his paints to the far reaches of nature. Justin explores nature and his materials with students and other artists, finding joy and a deeper understanding of his work through his teaching.

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Sherron Dorris-Fergason✧

Impressionist Traditional Painter: My paintings reflect the beauty that surrounds all of us in everyday life. A moment, feeling and touch are the hopes that tie us all together. I use the perceptions to choose a theme or image to paint. From Plein Air paintings/studies, travels and hikes I take photographs, notes and small drawing studies that inspire me to create paintings for my studio time. Using the available professional oils with the finest brushes including my Rosemary collections to the canvases, panels and boards all give me the tools, along with my perceptions, that spark my interest and creativity to paint daily.

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Rachel Danae✧

Danae is an illustrator who craves the sensory experiences found outdoors. She enjoys capturing the fun details of nature and the organic chaos of gouache and watercolor.


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SuZanne Harned✧


SuZanne Harned has landed in downtown Greenville, SC, from Florida and Little Rock, Arkansas, after retiring from the floral design business. She has a studio at the Greenville Arts Center and loves painting florals and sunsets!


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Untitled 6.jpeg

Mary Hirvela


Mary's paintings capture her perception of a moment and the emotions, struggles, and perseverance that accompany it. As Mary seeks to find meaning through painting, she hopes that viewers of her work may resonate and find meaning or inspiration from her art as well. Mary has been plein air painting since high school and is heavily inspired by nature. She studied Industrial Design at Georgia Tech and recently quit her job in product development to return to her passion for painting full-time.

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Vicky Vaughn✧


Plein air isn’t a hobby, but a way of thinking and living. I love all mediums, but find acrylic easiest to use outdoors. Painting outside with new and old friends is the best.


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Mark Potteiger✧

I love to paint and draw.

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